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A trusted partner for leaders, the firm assists business executives in managing the most complex situations to ensure the success of their organization.

Growth Acceleration

Growth Acceleration

Accelerating growth is a major priority for business leaders. This is also the most motivating aspect of their job! Taking up this challenge requires managerial skills but above all a good dose of creativity.

Thanks to an extensive international network, Orson helps you identify new business partners and strategic acquisitions or enter new markets. Based on recognized business experience, we assist executives with the most relevant analysis to seize opportunities and develop revenues. A mix of strategy and communication is essential to take organizations to the next level.

Market entry

Market share development



operations diversification strategy

Business Partnership


Product launch

Reputation Building

Reputation Building

The success of a corporate strategy relies as much on operational aspects as communication aspects. Onboarding all stakeholders on board, starting with employees, is vital.

Orson develops bespoke strategies tailored to each company's business, societal objectives and audience. This holistic approach integrates skills in media relations, institutional relations, social dialogue and internal communication, financial communication and shareholder relations. Our method aligns the coherence and density of all corporate and management messages.

Corporate affairs strategy

Media relations


Responsabilty & Impact

Financial communication

Communication under judicial constraint


Change & Transformation

Change & Transformation

Successful transformation is above all a human process that puts cultural aspects and cognitive skills at the core of its approach. Whether it is a deep restructuring process or a more standard organizational change it is important to never confuse the end and the means.

Orson designs the overall strategy that will enable the company and its management to embark employees, unions, analysts, suppliers, and clients. Our implementation ability complements our sensitive listening skills, letting us continuously adjust transformation to achieve desired goals.


Comex empowerment

Internal communication

Employee empowerment

Transformation strategy & implementation

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

The way organizations manage crisis situations is as important as the crisis itself. A well-managed crisis is the opportunity to strengthen the management legitimacy, bond teams more closely - and even to reinvent customer relations.

Thanks to a proven methodology, Orson assists its clients in facing the most sensitive situations : reputation, financial, social, industrial, cyber or legal crisis. We help companies throughout the whole crisis process by detecting the weak signals, training the teams, designing and implementing a multi-stakeholders strategy and elaborating a post-crisis narrative.

Media relation

Media training

Risk management

Policy risk assessment


Compliance assessment



For the past 20 years, technology adoption has been a major differentiator among players in each and every industry. Whether addressing pain points, gaining a competitive edge or opening up adjacent markets, technology possesses a unique potential to enhance business outcomes at all levels within organizations.

Leveraging a global network of AI experts, entrepreneurs, and specialized investors, Orson provides bespoke advice on AI-based innovations and applications. We identify emerging trends and transformative opportunities in the field while fostering widespread evangelization to support thought and action leadership.

AI Integration

Operational Performance

Collective Creativity

Technology Roadmap

Technology Culture

Change Acceleration

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